Treat yourself to a great feeling of relaxation in the sauna, which dates from the rich traditions of the Nordic nations and in which you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation. In our Finnish sauna you leave all your worries behind, your body regenerates and you can indulge in pleasant moments of relaxation. The temperature depending on the place in the sauna reaches 65-90 °C. It brings the relaxation of muscles of motion apparatus resulting in overall relaxation. The high temperature of the air increases the sweating of the body and enabling the elimination of toxic substances, and strengthens the immune system.

Recommended time: 5 -15 minutes
Temperature: 70 – 90 °C
Humidity: 15 – 35 %
Effects: Regenerating, relaxing, strengthening the immune system, prevention from communicable diseases Contraindications: All heart disease, hypertension, age over 70 years, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy


The invisible infrared rays provide heat that act on the body as the sun’s rays, without harmful UV radiation. Stay in the infra sauna contributes to weight reduction and removal of fat.

Recommended time: 20 minutes
Temperature: 40 – 50 °C
Humidity: 10 – 30%
Effects: the use of infrared rays is appropriate to improve blood circulation, skin purification, detoxification, degradation of cellulite, heat up the body, starting of healing processes and relaxation.
Contraindications : All acute medical conditions, increased activity of the thyroid gland, bleeding diseases, conditions following phlebitis, infectious diseases, hypertension, malignant tumours, epilepsy, non-healing skin defects of any origin, infectious, transmissible, parasitic diseases, active tuberculosis, bleeding disorders, mental disorders , feverish conditions, cancers (malignant tumours), conditions after a heart attack and stroke, all cardiovascular diseases, relative contraindication – age of over 70 years, in case of the use of drugs, acute injuries, inflammation, pregnancy, acute cardiovascular disease, silicone implants should always consult with your doctor.


Steam sauna is a perfect blend of aromatherapy and herbs. Inhale the scent of the beneficial pine forest and pamper yourself with sips of steam. Humid air has a beneficial effect on the skin, which strongly increases blood circulation and intensive cleaning. The skin remains velvety soft.

Recommended time: 5 -15 minutes
Temperature: 45 – 55 °C
Humidity: 100 %
Aroma: Pine – refreshing effect, used during infections, antiseptic, antiviral
Effects: relaxation, recovery, strengthening the immune system, revitalizing.


Sauna with a temperature of 45 ° C and a humidity of 100% combines the heat with the action of the salt to the human body. Salt has a significant beneficial effect on the skin – provides its natural peeling and total blood circulation. Salt steam saunas are especially suitable for allergies, cold and all respiratory diseases, rheumatic difficulties, and the overall detoxification of the body. Salt sauna has air saturated with minerals and beneficial microorganisms. The interior of the sauna is made up of salt crystals and Himalayan salt.

Temperature: 45 ˚C
Effects: relaxing, antiseptic, strengthens the immune system.
Indication: Inhalation has a positive effect on the entire nervous system. Himalayan salt helps to cure skin diseases and respiratory diseases and allergies.
Contraindications: purulent skin diseases, infectious diseases, open wounds.


Our lagoon pool offers undisturbed rest with lots of wellness attraction. The water in the pool is a pleasant 33 °C. It offers a full range of water hydro massage attractions such as whirlpools, jet beads, and the bubble jets for perfect blood circulation in the feet as well as a water mushroom, which stimulates acupuncture points throughout the body and thus contributes to the relaxation and regeneration. The magical atmosphere of the whole space completes the special mirror foil above the pool and views of the beautiful Tatra nature through glass facades.


Immerse yourself in a hot oasis of peace and take the pleasant water micro massage by countless small bubbles, which releases all the muscles in your body. Hot water makes your body float and is supplemented by a foot and body massage which helps blood circulation and the body gets into a state of total relaxation.

Temperature: 36 – 38 °C
Effects: hydro massage, relaxation and blood circulation improvement. Relaxing water bath. Water, makes the body float, thereby decreasing muscle tension. Hot water supplemented by body and foot massage supports blood circulation and the body gets into a state of total relaxation.
Contraindications: pregnancy, flu, infectious diseases, purulent skin diseases, acute febrile illness


Treat yourself to a well-earned rest after the sauna procedure and relax in the comfortable deck chairs by the falling water of a unique waterfall. You will feel the real power and energy of nature. Treat yourself to a fabulous feeling of happiness and regeneration of your body.


Ice Bucket is the classic method of cooling the body with cold water shock. Tatra people recommend pouring cold water over the body in the morning. A bucket full of ice water is for those who need to relieve the heat after a stay in the sauna. They will feel the power that passes through the body and blood circulation through every part of it. You will experience a real storm in the form of ice-cold refreshment.

Temperature: 9 – 12 °C


Try resilience in a chilly mountain pond from Tatra natural water. The water temperature no more than ten degrees, will after a sauna energise your immune system and increase the production of blood cells. Find the key to lasting health, beauty and vitality of the body. For centuries it has been known as a substitution effect of heat and cold, when after the enlargement of blood vessels of the skin in the sauna, these vessels respond to cold by withdrawing and subsequent repeated heating, this will trigger an explosion of energy in the cells causing a real rush of happiness.


The feeling that you know from your dreams – you do not lie, but you swim. Literally an uplifting feeling on top of the heated waterbed with sea water, guarantees to make you feel pampered. Your body will within minutes rid itself of tension, followed by release and this is why a water-bed is the ideal relaxation element of our wellness centre.

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